Excursions and internships


Excursions are an important part of your training as an art historian in that they allow you to deepen your specialist knowledge through the examination of original artworks and sites There is an extensive range of excursions on offer across all Chairs of the Institute, to such destinations as New York, Shanghai, Venice, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Prague, Istanbul, and Warsaw.
The range of excursions currently on offer can be viewed on KSL.


Although the Institute’s study plan does not require the completion of an internship (with the exception of Monomaster 'Cultural Heritage' and Monomaster 'History of Textile Arts'), we strongly recommend that students deepen their experience by undertaking one. Through internships, career perspectives can be developed at an early stage and they open up insights into occupational fields beyond teaching and research. During your studies, practical work is offered in museums, monument preservation, journalism or in the art trade. Please note that only internships at institutions relevant to art history can be credited. Internships with private individuals or one-man businesses as well as paid professional activities cannot be credited.

Crediting excursions and internships

The crediting of excursions and internships for the study of art history is stipulated in the study plan. A maximum of half of the ECTS points accrued through excursions can be gained by undertaking an internship instead. One week of internship (100%) corresponds to one ECTS point.

Please enclose with your application a written confirmation from the art institution stating the duration, degree of employment and grade as well as a two-page report describing your activities and findings. Please send your request for recognition to Ms Stefanie Lenk.