Study program: Art Education (HKB)

Students of the Art Education (HKB) course complete a minor in Art History at the IKG (Bachelor Minor 60 ECTS / Master Minor 30 ECTS).

The IKG’s current study plan (2010) applies to all students:

Please register for all events on KSL in good time (before the start of the event).

All students are obliged to subscribe to the IKG mailing list and to check their KSL inboxes regularly.

Campus Account - Accessing electronic media at the University of Bern

To register themselves on the Core Teaching System (CTS/KSL) and on the university’s learning management system (ILIAS) all students need a Campus Account (an email account). This will be automatically sent to you as soon as you have been registered as a student at the HKB (takes up to 14 days). If you have any questions, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk:

Crediting of HKB events

Students working towards their Bachelor Minor (60 ECTS) through the Art Education program who began their studies in autumn 2009 or later can receive credits for the following courses offered by the HKB:

  • Written Theoretical Thesis (3 ECTS): Credited as an elective in Art History
  • Excursions (2 ECTS): Credited in the excursion module

Courses are credited automatically, with the data being sent from the HKB to the IKG. Internships cannot be credited as part of the excursion module.

Recognition of achievements from a first degree course

If you have already taken graded courses in art history as part of a previous course of study, you can apply to have it credited. Please send scans of your diplomas and the detailed transcript of records to Ms Patricia Simon (see below for details). The following information is required: title of the course, lecturer, ECTS points earned and grade. Only art history courses and events can be credited.

Master students, who have not completed a Bachelor’s in Art History

please contact Ms Patricia Simon (contact see below). The prerequisite for the Master Art History Minor 30 ECTS is the Bachelor Art History Minor 60 ECTS.

Extended deadlines for submission of seminar papers

Due to the longer duration of lecture series at the HKB, students taking lectures there receive an extra four weeks to hand in seminar papers at the IKG. The deadlines are thus the end of February and the end of August.

Seminar paper (Bachelor Minor 60 ECTS)

In consultation with the lecturer giving a seminar, HKB students can alternatively write a paper that deals with a topic that is relevant to their own artistic activity. Please discuss this with the lecturer at the beginning of the semester.

Completion of studies

The fulfillment of the requirements for a course at the IKG, taken as part of a course of study at the HKB, is monitored by the study coordinator. HKB students must register for the bachelor/master examination. After passing the examination, the study coordinator will prepare the study sheet (results must be entered correctly in KSL). The study sheet is signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and sent directly to the HKB via the Dean's Office. The diploma will be awarded by the HKB. Student’s need not apply directly to the Dean’s office.

Students from other study programs at the HKB

The events offered by the IKG are also open to students of other study programs at the HKB. Interested students are requested to clarify the crediting of IKG events with their course leaders at the HKB in advance. For further information please contact Ms Patricia Simon.