Assistant Professor for World Art History


What role can art history play in a world in which global processes are becoming increasingly important for understanding transcultural exchange and interaction? What approaches to modernity and cultural politics have developed in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America? Can contemporary art teach us anything about decolonization, gender, migration and the formation of identities?

The section of World Art History was established at the Institute of Art History and in affiliation with the Chair of Modern and Contemporary Art History. It is also affiliated to the Master program in World Arts and Music at the Center for Global Studies, which enables the combined study of various media and artistic forms of expression from different cultures and art worlds under the unifying framework of cultural studies. World Art History enables reflections on cross-cultural exchange with a global perspective. Through the study of objects and discourses, it explores alternative stories and objects, transnational and transregional cultural interactions and new historiographies.


MA projects

  • „Paul Klee. Die Formung des Orients“. Annina Pandiani, ongoing.
  • „Die Gestaltung Multimedialer Vermittlung für Museen in digitalen Medien“. Lorenz Tschopp, ongoing.
  • “In Anticipation of the Collapse: Central Asian Cinematic Landscape in Late Soviet Cinematography”. Ekaterina Kurilova, 2018.
  • “En ligne / hors ligne: Exposer les arts numériques”. Emilie Bruchez, 2017.

PhD dissertations

  • “Ruinen – Fotografien – Ansichten. Ein Forschungsvorhaben zur fotografischen Konstruktion von Archäologie in Vorderasien vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg”. Linda Herzog, first supervisor, ongoing. Abstract (pdf, 98KB)
  • “The Islamic World at the Biennale di Venezia: Trans-National Comparisons of Representation Discourses and Display Strategies”. Riccardo Legena, first supervisor, ongoing.
  • “Ruinen – Fotografien – Ansichten. Ein practice-based Forschungsvorhaben zur fotografischen Konstruktion von Archäologie in Vorderasien vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg“. Linda Herzog, first supervisor, ongoing.
  • “From the Sacred to the Spectacular: Performance of Diasporic Consciousness through Visual Representations in Brazilian Candomblé”. Zainabu Jallo, second supervisor, ongoing.
  • “Wandel und Tradition in der spätwafawidischen Malerei (1590 – 1720)”. Axel Langer, third supervisor, 2019.
  • “Picturesque Peasants: Painting Egyptian Identity at the Fuad I Agricultural Museum in Cairo, 1934-1938”. Lara Ayad, Boston University, member of the dissertation committee, 2018.