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M.A. Jess Bailey

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Abteilung für Ältere Kunstgeschichte

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Institut für Kunstgeschichte
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Folio 51b-52a(1), Meister des mittelalterlichen Hausbuches von Wolfegg Castle, c. 1475-85.

Jess Bailey is a PhD candidate in the history of art completing a concurrent degree in medieval studies at the University of California at Berkeley. In her undergraduate degree she studied 12th century Japanese Buddhist sculpture. She has taught for the Prison University Project in San Quentin State Prison and organised the inaugural Berkeley / Stanford symposium on migration and displacement in the arts at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Her dissertation is about war and gender in medieval European manuscripts and works on paper. Her research engages the history of medicine, military technology, disability studies, and feminist critical theory. Jess is interested in the drawn horizons of bodily difference and the lines which divide, mark, and marginalise bodies in pictorial space. She studies violence, desire, and the abject; vagrants, doctors, and soldiers turned itinerant artists.