Research focus

  • Non-western postwar modernities and contemporary visual practices, with a focus on Latin America
  • The relationship between art and politics
  • Experimental art practices and new conceptions of art in the late 20th century
  • Global conceptualism(s)
  • Transnational networks of art and transcultural production between Latin America, Europe and the U.S.
  • Artistic mobility, histories of migration and diaspora
  • Spatial and environmental praxis
  • Conceptualizations of the global and other geo-spatial categories in art historiography
  • Decolonial Feminism(s) and Gender


Editor, Charting Space: the cartographies of conceptual art. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2023.

Dematerialization and the social materiality of art: Experimental forms in Argentina, 1955-1968. Leiden: Brill, 2021.
- Recipient of the 2022 Best Book Award in Latin American Visual Culture Studies from the Latin American Studies Association, Visual Culture Studies Section

Selected Publications

"Maps, spatiality and conceptual art”, in Charting space: the cartographies of conceptual art. Ed. Elize Mazadiego. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2023.

Co-edited with Eve Kalyva, Dialogues: The Future of Radical Women -- Feminism and Latin American Art, Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture Vol.5, Issue 2 (April 2023).

with Eve Kalyva, “The future of feminism in Latin American art”, in Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture Vol.5, Issue 2 (April 2023).

“New alignments in 1970s artistic networks: the case of In-Out Center and transnational artists from Latin America in Amsterdam”, RKD Bulletin no. 2022/1.

with Stefaan Vervoort, “When the Sky is Low and Heavy: David Lamelas and Transnational Heritage in Flanders”, Arts 11 (1) (2022): 1-17.

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