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Research Interests

Beate Fricke's research focuses on the history of images, objects and places, using perspectives from philosophy, cultural anthropology, history of the sciences, of economy and theology. Her research interests include theories of perception and animation, the history of allegory and mimesis, the prehistory of aesthetics and political participation, cultural and mercantile exchange, as well as the materiality of minor arts, decorative arts and reliquaries.

Beate Fricke, Dr., Professorin
Katharina Böhmer, M.A., Redakteurin "21: Inquiries"
Theresa Holler, Dr. des., Wiss.-Assistentin
Laura Hutter, Hilfsassistentin BMZ
Amélie Joller, Hilfsassistentin und Grundkursleiterin
Stefanie Lenk, Dr., Wiss.- Mitarbeiterin
Meekyung MacMurdie M.A., Wiss.- Mitarbeiterin
Mariko Mugwyler, Hilfsassistentin
Saskia C. Quené M.A., Wiss.- Mitarbeiterin
Leonie Singer, Hilfsassistentin und Grundkursleiterin


Jess Bailey M.A., Wiss.- Mitarbeiterin
Matthias Egger, Grundkursleiter
Corinne Mühlemann, Dr. des., Wiss.- Mitarbeiterin
Andrew Sears M.A., Wiss.-Assistent
Dominique Wyss, Hilfsassistentin und Grundkursleiterin

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Trading Architecture analyses the loci of exchange of merchandise, knowledge and culture in the Mediterranean with the Middle and the Far East.
  • Object Histories. Early Modern Flotsam. For this project she was awarded a collaborative research grant from the American Council of Learned Societies, together with Finbarr Barry Flood.
  • Global Horizons in Pre-Modern Art.
Since 2017 Professor of Medieval Art, University of Bern
2009-2016 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture, Department of History of Art, University of California, Berkeley
2008-2009, 2011 Swiss National Science Foundation Research Fellow, University of Zurich
2004-2008 Wissenschaftliche Assistentin, University of Zurich
1999-2005 Doctoral dissertation „Götzendienst und Bildkultur. Die Statue der Hl. Fides von Conques, University of Trier, published in German: Ecce Fides.  Die Statue von Conques, Götzendienst und Bildkultur im Westen, München 2007, in English: Fallen Idols, Risen Saints. The Statue of Conques and the Revival of Monumental Sculpture in Medieval Art, Turnhout 2015.
1994-1999 Student, University of Karlsruhe